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Additional Training Modules

Designing and Building a Better Form

In this module you’ll be introduced to some best practices for designing and implementing an application. We’ll be discussing how to create an application blueprint, how best to implement features that accurately capture data, and how you should present information and content to the end user.

We’ll be doing this by creating a questionnaire for reviewing restaurants. First, the user will need to select the restaurant they want to review, after which they will be asked a series of questions about their dining experience. When they have completed the questionnaire, they will be shown a summary of their responses, from where they can confirm submission of their review and receive a notification that their review was successfully posted.

This module will demonstrate how to plan and build a web-based application. As such, some of the functionality will not be compatible with mobile applications published using Enterprise Server, including CDS elements and style classes. Designing apps for mobile will instead be covered in a separate module.



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