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Additional Training Modules

Introducing KnowledgeKube Documents

Incorporating Documents into a KnowledgeKube application is one of the most versatile ways of delivering information to the end user. Throughout this module you will learn how documents can be used to provide the user with content specifically designed for their needs.

There are two types of document that you can add to a model:

  • Dynamic – Word documents used by KnowledgeKube to generate PDFs that feature both static content and application data such as question responses. A typical use of this type of document is to create a summary listing the end user’s responses to a series of questions.
  • Static – Standard PDF documents whose contents cannot be affected or changed after they have been added to a model. Static documents are typically used to deliver some kind of standard text, such as a user agreement or some terms and conditions, as these are meant to be the same regardless of the user’s actions.

In this module you will be shown how to create and deliver both types of document in support of a simple customer survey. At the start of the survey, the user will be given the option to download a short disclaimer explaining what’s required, and after the user has finished filling in all of our questions they’ll be given the opportunity to download a short summary of their answers.

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