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Additional Training Modules

Content Delivery in KnowledgeKube

KnowledgeKube's Content Delivery System is the primary method of creating rich, web-based content using the KnowledgeKube back-office tool. Using this system, you'll be able to create a website containing any number of unique pages, and design and maintain other resources such as stylesheets and scripts. The Content Delivery System allows full integration with KnowledgeKube models, allowing you to embed them inside the live web pages.
This module serves as an introduction to many aspects of the Content Delivery System. You'll be asked to create a couple of Pages for a website, then use CSS-based Stylesheets to improve the site's appearance and Scripts to expand its functionality. You will learn how to create Master Pages to effectively manage the look and feel of several pages at a time, deploy re-usable Markup Assets to save you having to write the same thing in multiple places, and configure your site's Homepage to improve its usability.

Unlike most training modules, you will not be asked to create a KnowledgeKube Model during this task.

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