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Additional Training Modules

Introducing KnowledgeKube Documents

Incorporating Documents into a KnowledgeKube application is one of the most versatile ways of providing the user with information specifically designed for their needs, using both Dynamic and Static content.

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Introduction to Data Providers

Expand your knowledge of Data Sources by creating a connection to external data, then learn to use different techniques to fetch and display that data.

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Designing and Building a Better Form

Discover best practices for designing and implementing applications.

Understand how to create an application blueprint, how best to implement features, and how to better present information and content to your end users.

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Understanding Control Flow

Understand the concept of Control Flow - When statements within your expressions are executed.

Learn to use special syntax to create statements that dynamically alter an expression's control flow to implement decision making and looping, enabling your applications to conditionally run blocks of code.

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Content Delivery in KnowledgeKube

KnowledgeKube's Content Delivery System is the primary method of creating rich, web-based content using the KnowledgeKube back-office tool.

Using this system, you'll be able to create a website containing any number of unique pages, and design and maintain other resources such as stylesheets and scripts.

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