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Practical Exercises

KnowledgeKube Practical Exercises, highlight common-day business issues, and then illustrate how to build KnowledgeKube automated solutions to resolve them.

Whilst these Practical Exercises will teach you how to build each solution, they are not step by step guides, you will need to have completed KnowledgeKube training prior to proceeding.


Ultraboost is a manufacturer of health food and sports supplements. Their head office is based in São Paulo, Brazil, and domestic sales account for the majority of their trade.

In an attempt to broaden their customer base, Ultraboost has asked you to produce a marketing questionnaire in support of their latest product: Ultraboost Energy Jam.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

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Pawsitivity Vets

You have been tasked with creating a model for Pawsitivity Vets, an American insurance company that sells veterinary insurance plans to cat and dog owners.

The questionnaire will allow users to purchase one of Pawsitivity's new Wellness Plans.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

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Queensway Taxis

Queensway Taxis is a private hire firm that operates a fleet of cars in Birmingham, England.

Their current booking system relies on staff members taking customer requests by phone and writing down the details using a pen and paper - a system that is both slow and prone to user error.

The firm has decided to commission an electronic application built using KnowledgeKube in order to book journeys faster and more efficiently.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

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Hart Glazing

Hart Glazing is a family-run company based in Connecticut, U.S.A that provide glazing services to private and commercial clients.

A recent growth in popularity, prompted by a high-profile positive review, has made it difficult for the small company to cope with the full volume of telephone enquiries.

They decide to set up an online questionnaire capable of gathering customer requirements and e-mailing them to Hart, who can assess them and respond accordingly.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

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GeoFront Engineering

A company called GeoFront Engineering want to create an expenses system to allow their employees to quickly and easily
register claims for costs incurred whilst travelling between sites.

By combining a KnowledgeKube model with an SQL compatible data source they can implement a system that will record a user's claim details, which an approver can then
accept or decline.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

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