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Course Summary

Congratulations! – You have now successfully completed Course 1

We hope you have found this an enjoyable learning experience.

During this course you have learnt a lot about KnowledgeKube, including the kind of applications you'll be able to develop, and you should now understand why businesses would chose to use it.

You have learnt and then put into practice many of KnowledgeKube's features while building a CRM application, including:

  • Models
  • Question Groups
  • Source Control
  • Questions
  • Form Design
  • Attributes
  • Buttons
  • Expressions and Functions
  • Insights and Error Handling
  • Styling
  • Sending E-mails

If you feel ready, Course 2 is the next step in your education on the KnowledgeKube platform. When you start that course, you will learn a significant number of new features that will really help to develop your application.

Please retain your CRM Model for this next course.

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