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Navigating Between Forms with Buttons

We've now got two groups, but there's no way to move from one to the other, so we're going to need to add a special type of content known as a Button to the NewAccounts form. When clicked, the button will display our summary.

In the Designer Grid, right-click the NewAccounts question group and select Add Question. Double-click the new question to access its Properties Tab. Give the question the following details:

  • Question Text: Save
  • Question Type: Button
  • Question Keyword: BTNSaveAccount

Save the question when you're finished.

New buttons don't do much when they're clicked, but we can give ours something to do by making it navigate end users from NewAccounts to AccountsSummary. To do this, we're going to assign it a special instruction known as an Expression.

With the question's Properties tab visible, click the Edit Expression button located at the bottom of the Properties window. Click this now.

The next thing you'll see will be the Expression Editor window, which we'll explore in more detail now.

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