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Mapping Data to the Outstanding Account Information Summary Questions

Now we know how to map data from one question to another using Attributes, so let's continue to do so until we have a complete summary page.

If you remember, to add an attribute you need to right-click the destination question - in our example, the one on the summary page - and select Attributes. Give all of these attributes the Type Mapped to Question, and add the keyword of the source question to the Attribute Value field.

Test Your Knowledge Task

Add an Attribute to each of the questions in your summary page, linking them to the corresponding questions in NewAccounts.

These should be:

Question Keyword

Corresponding Question

AccountsSummaryDescription AccountDescription
AccountsSummaryWebsite AccountWebsite
AccountsSummaryPhoneNumber AccountPhoneNumber
AccountsSummaryNumberOfEmployees AccountNumberOfEmployees
AccountsSummaryType AccountType
AccountsSummaryIndustry AccountIndustry

When you have finished adding the outstanding attributes, preview your project, enter some data into your form and click the Save button to view your summary page.

You should now see a complete column of summary fields, each displaying the response given to the corresponding question in NewAccounts.

If any of the mapped data you entered is missing from your summary, revisit the affected questions in the Definition tab and ensure all of the attributes you added have the correct keywords entered in their Attribute Expression field.


Well done! You have now mapped more data your NewAccounts form to your summary.


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