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Mapping Data to Read Only Questions via Attributes

Now we have a single column of read-only questions in our summary, it's time to provide them with some values. We'll do this by using a new type of content called Attributes.

Attributes are modifiers that let you change the appearance or behaviour of whatever they are attached to. There are several different Types of attribute, each of which with a different use and a slightly different configuration process.

Let’s start by adding an attribute to AccountsSummaryName. Switch to the Definition tab, and make sure the contents of AccountsSummary are visible. Right-click the AccountsSummaryName question and select Attributes from the pop-up menu.

This will open the Adding Question Attribute dialog.

Change the Attribute Type to Mapped To Question.

When added to a question, this type of attribute will cause the value of a second question to be displayed inside the first.

Use the menu on the left-hand side of the dialog to switch to the Value panel. The Attribute Expression field for this type of attribute requires the keyword of whatever question you plan to use as the source of the AccountsSummaryName question's value. Type AccountName into the field, since this is the corresponding question in our NewAccounts form.


When you're done, click OK to save the attribute and close the current dialog.

Now, in the Designer Grid you'll be able to see the AccountsSummaryName question has a + symbol next to it, indicating it has some expandable content. If you expand this content, you'll see details of the attribute you just added.


Let’s now take a look at what we have just created.

Open your application again and click Save after filling in the various question fields. When the summary page appears, you'll see the value you entered for AccountName has been written next to the Account Name entry in the summary.


Well done! You have mapped data from one question to another, taking the first step in fully populating your summary page.

Next, we'll finish off our summary by adding a complete set of read-only questions and their accompanying attributes.


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