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Configuring Mandatory Fields

You might have noticed that when you click the Save button in your NewAccounts form, you have to fill in all the form fields before you can proceed.

Try this for yourself by opening your application and clicking Save without entering any data.

As you can see, the application won’t let us continue. This is because all of our questions are currently set as Mandatory.

Mandatory Questions are a great way to ensure the end user provides a response for some or all of the contents of a form.

All new questions added to a KnowledgeKube model will be mandatory by default.


We don’t actually need all of the questions in NewAccounts set as mandatory, so let's look at how to set a question as Optional instead.

When someone wants to add a new account, a website is not essential information, so we can set this question as optional rather than mandatory. To do this, locate the AccountWebsite question and access its Properties tab. Switch to the Further Question Options page and put a tick in the Question is Optional checkbox.

Save your question to apply the change, then open your application again. Try completing the form but leave the Website field blank. If you click Save, you will no longer be stopped from proceeding.

Let’s make another question optional.

Test Your Knowledge Task

Make the AccountStateProvince question optional.


Well done! – Your first KnowledgeKube application is really taking shape.


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