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Beginning to Add Content to our Summary Page

The AccountsSummary form we've added will eventually need to display all data the user has entered. Let’s start to add our content to this page.

To begin with, we'll add two read-only section headers.

Test Your Knowledge Task

Within the AccountsSummary question group, add the following two questions:

Question Text

Question Type

Question Keyword

Account Information

Read Only Text


Address Information Read Only Text AccountsSummaryAddressInformationHeader

If you try to add a question and the options you need are greyed-out, it's highly likely that the question group is currently Checked In. Remember to always check a group out before you try to make changes to it.

Don’t worry about the use of long Keywords within your projects, being clear is more useful than ambiguous abbreviations.

Test Your Knowledge Task.

Assign the AccountsSummaryAddressInformationHeader question to the form's second column.

Remember, you do this via Further Questions Options in the question's Properties Tab.

Let’s take a look at how our AccountsSummary is coming along. Open your application, complete the questions and press your Save button to view the summary.


Well done! You have added two section headers to AccountsSummary, and moved one to the form's second column.


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