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Adding Summary Data for Address Details

We've almost finished our summary form. Before we're done, we'll need to map the address-specific questions in NewAccounts to read-only questions in AccountsSummary.

Before we do that, though, let’s tidy up our application.

When we added Read Only Text questions to AccountsSummary, the AccountsSummaryAddressInformationHeader question remained near the top of the group content. Although this makes no real difference to how the question is displayed due to its position in the second column of the form, it's still good practice to keep associated content together, so let's move the header underneath the other questions in the group.

With the Definition tab in view, select the AccountsSummary group, and click the Change Question Order button situated in the Designer Grid Toolbar.

In the Question Order window, select AccountsSummaryAddressInformationHeader and use the Move Down button to move it to the bottom of the list. When you have done this, click Update to confirm your change.


We're now ready to add the rest of our summary page content.

Test Your Knowledge Task

Add more Read Only Text questions to the AccountsSummary group - one for each of the remaining questions in NewAccounts.

NOTE: Don’t forget to use Further Question Options to assign all of these new questions to Column 2 of AccountsSummary.

These should be:

Question Keyword

Question Text

AccountsSummaryCountry Country
AccountsSummaryStreet Street
AccountsSummaryCity City
AccountsSummaryStateProvince State/Province
AccountsSummaryPostcode Postcode


Your model should now look like this:


Next, link each new question to its NewAccounts counterpart by adding Attributes.

Test Your Knowledge Task

Add an attribute to each of the new read-only questions, making sure you use the Keyword of the corresponding question in NewAccounts for the Attribute Expression.

NOTE: Remember to set the Type of your new attributes to Mapped To Question.

These should be:

Question Keyword

Corresponding Question Keyword

AccountsSummaryCountry AccountCountry
AccountsSummaryStreet AccountStreet
AccountsSummaryCity AccountCity
AccountsSummaryStateProvince AccountStateProvince

When you get to the AccountsSummaryPostcode question, apply a Mapped To Expression attribute instead. Again, use the matching question's keyword - AccountPostcode - for the Attribute Expression.


Open your application, complete all the question fields and then click the Save button.

Your summary should display a complete set of data, but for some reason it's not displaying a Postcode! For now we're going to finish configuring the summary, but we'll have to come back later and see why the Postcode field isn't working.


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