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Using Twitch Navigation

As your understanding of KnowledgeKube grows, you may find yourself working with more than one model at a time. To make it easier to keep track of your open models, and to allow you to quickly switch between them, the KnowledgeKube back-office tool includes a useful feature known as Twitch Navigation.

Because this course only requires you to have a single model open at a time, you won’t see the full benefit of Twitch navigation just yet. But it is useful to be aware of this and other productivity features so that, as you become more experienced as a user of KnowledgeKube, you can be confident that everything you need is at your fingertips.

To use Twitch navigation, hold down the Ctrl key and press Tab. A small overlay panel will appear, displaying a preview thumbnail for your open model.

When you have multiple models open, each one will have its own thumbnail.


The overlay will stay in place for as long as you hold down the Ctrl key. While the overlay is visible, you can use the following controls to change the current model:

  • Each time you press Tab or the right arrow key, Twitch will cycle through the available models from left to right, returning to the first model in the list if you move beyond the last one. To switch to the highlighted model, release the Ctrl key.
  • Left-clicking the thumbnail of any model will immediately switch to that model.
Whichever method you use to switch models, the Twitch panel will close automatically. It can be accessed again whenever it is needed.



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