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Source Control

The newly-created question group will show up in the Designer Grid of your model's Definition Tab. KnowledgeKube uses Source Control to ensure only one person can edit groups at a time, and newly created Groups are initially Checked Out to the person who created them.

When a question group is Checked In, nobody will be able to edit it unless they first check it out.

Source Control - Making changes to many elements of a model requires that you first Check Out the elements for editing.

Each element can only be Checked Out by one person at a time, meaning that if you have something checked out, nobody else will be able to edit it until you are finished and Check In the element once more.

Many other types of KnowledgeKube content rely on Source Control, including:

  • Actions
  • Rating Definitions
  • Documents
  • Data Sources
  • ...and more.

When working as part of a group project you should establish a clear protocol for managing content that is subject to Source Control. This includes co-ordinating when to check items back in and what to do when someone has something checked out and they are not available to check it back in.

Furthermore, ensure you add clear notes every time you check something back in so that others are clearly able to see the change history of the item.


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