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Adding another Question and Previewing

Now that we have added our first Question, let’s add a second.

Test Your Knowledge Task.

So let’s try our first Test Your Knowledge Task. You'll need to progress through this next stage using what you have learnt so far, but this time without step-by-step instructions. If you struggle to do this, re-read the last few topics and try again.

  • Create another question in the NewAccounts question group, giving it the following details:
    • Question Text: Description
    • Question Type: Memo / Multi-line Free Text
    • Question Keyword: AccountDescription

Don’t forget to click Save button situated at the bottom of the Properties Tab when you have finished.

Hopefully that went well and you didn’t find it too difficult!

Now we've added a couple of pieces of content, it'd be nice to see what they might look like in the finished application. We can do this by using the KnowledgeKube Insights Tool.

To access this feature, click Run Model in the Quick Access Toolbar.

This will open the New Insight dialog.

To preview your model you'll need to create an Insight, which is basically a temporary demo version of your application. To create one now, select Web Debug as the Type and tick the Start Insight After Creation check box. Click Save to confirm.

At this point, the Insights window will appear, which will show your new question group as it appears in your default browser. Right now, the group consists of two slightly different questions.

You can use the Insights window to type some sample data into your question fields. Until we make some changes, the data you enter here won't be saved anywhere yet.

When you have finished inspecting your handiwork, close the Insights window.

Well Done! – You have now just added your own Question and used the Insights Tool.


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