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Accessing KnowledgeKube Through Microsoft Remote Desktop

During this course you will be accessing KnowledgeKube using Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access. It lets you connect to KnowledgeKube through a website. (If you have already logged into the website, please proceed to the next topic)

Accessing Microsoft Remote Desktop is a simple procedure.

Use the following link to access the Remote Desktop Web Access website: https://designer.onknowledgekube.co.uk/


You will need to use the login credentials issued in your initial KnowledgeKube setup email. If you have not been issued with an account you will need to contact Mercato to request a new account.

Enter your login credentials in the User Name and Password fields provided.


Click Sign in, and select the KnowledgeKube Back Office icon within the RemoteApp and Desktops tab.

When you have finished using KnowledgeKube remember to sign out of Remote Desktop Web Access, you can do this by clicking the Sign Out button situated to the far right-hand side of the RD Web Access window.




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