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Course Icons

In each course on this site, certain sections of text are highlighted to assist your understanding of the relevant content. Each of these sections is marked with an icon that depends on what type of content is present:

Information - Something that is not part of the explicit guidance, but is worth making a note of all the same. Content like this might provide background information, or further explanation of a complex subject.

Thought-provoking - Content designed to make you think about how something works, or perhaps encourage you to think of alternative ways of implementing something.

Warning - These text boxes let you know that what you're doing has the potential to cause issues if the instructions are not carefully followed. You may be told about common errors and how to avoid them, or you may be told how to recover from a problem if it occurs.

Configurable - Draws attention to some part of what you're learning that allows you to use different configuration settings according to your requirements.

Downloadable Resource - A link to supplemental resources that can be downloaded to assist with the learning process.

Test Your Knowledge Tasks - Opportunities for you to practice what you've learned so far by implementing content without explicit instructions on how to do it.

Code and Code Blocks - Full and partial snippets of expression code, either inline with the rest of your text, or code blocks such as the following:





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